Grace Dafoe: NAC Calgary Races 7&8 / So...Now What?!

These two articles were originally published on Grace Dafoe's website.

I won my first international race this weekend (January 24th) and managed to secure 3rd in the NAC women's rankings overall for the 2014/15 season. 

Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen this season, but it did right in my own backyard! While I could probably go on and on about how much this meant to me and how surprised I was, I'll keep it short by saying that I've never been so proud of myself. 

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The constant question I am being asked since the last Calgary race is "So...Now what?!" 

This wasn't the easiest question to answer, because I wasn't even sure yet! I am a junior (under 23) in the skeleton world and soon after the last AC race, people were asking why I wasn't going to World Junior championships. I honestly had no idea, it hadn't even really crossed my mind. 

Logistically, it would be a nightmare to leave for Germany a week after the AC race, as I hadn't planned for it, but another part of me was itching to push the limits, challenge myself and go anyways. 

That being said, the decision was made for me and I won't be going. The decision of the high performance director and coaches deemed that the track would be too challenging for me to be my first European track. I totally respect their opinion and judgement, but I am a bit disappointed as I only have 2 years of junior eligibility left. I better make them count! Reflecting on the last week though, it is definitely the right decision - I'm exhausted. 

This is the official end of my racing season for 2014/15. 

From here on out, it is prepping for selections in November on ice, and for the summer testing camps off the ice. 

I was lucky enough to snag this last week off, settling back in to school, figuring out whats next and resting. I have been able to catch up with some friends, watch TV, and do some things that don't involve sliding. 

Mind you though, it has also been all about sliding. Contemplating whats next, asking myself how can I be better and making some equipment decisions. 

All I can say is big things are in the works for me.