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Today is the official launch of my Pursu.it Campaign, and I'm PUMPED! Pursu.it is an awesome vehicle for supporting athletes in their quest for excellence. It is a "volunteer-run, nonprofit crowdfunding website...which empowers athletes around the world to fund their sport, offering fans and supporters a personal connection to athlete on their journey to success". I have set an ambitious fundraising goal of $10,000 over the next 61 days to help supplement costs associated with being an elite athlete striving for medals, PB's and international experience. I am already blessed with funding support from Sport Canada and this goes a long way...but it doesn't pay all the bills. This year I purchased my own Hypoxico altitude home training system and would ideally add more components, but the total cost runs thousands of dollars. The advent of new technologies and the rapid rate of sports science research and discoveries are amazing, but they mean that there are always new tools to utilize--and purchase. 

My altitude chamber, allowing me to develop a higher RBC count, and increase my body's oxygen-carrying capacity. I sleep at around 10,000ft every night!

My altitude chamber, allowing me to develop a higher RBC count, and increase my body's oxygen-carrying capacity. I sleep at around 10,000ft every night!

Over the next 2 years I have some big goals. Winning a medal for Canada at last summer's Commonwealth Games was one of the proudest moments of my life...and I want to do it again. This summer, my goals include winning a medal at the Pan Am Games in Toronto and making the final at the IAAF World Championships in Beijing, China. Next year's goal is even greater, which is to fulfill the dream I've had since I was 8 years old: to become an Olympian. Every contribution to my Pursu.it campaign helps get me one step closer to realizing these goals. 

The coolest thing about Pursu.it is that it not only provides a platform for athletes to fundraise, it also allows us to develop creative "give-backs" in exchange for our kind contributors' donations! My "asks" range from $25-$3,000 and there are unique give-backs for each tier in between, including: social media shout-outs, home-made thank you cards, autographed photos, Brooks Running technical tee's, personalized Toronto beer-taster 4-packs, 2016 Toronto Maple Leafs tickets (for next season, when they'll be good), personalized training sessions, special event speaking engagements, and business/organization logo placement right here on my website!!

Even if you're not in a position to contribute financially, it would be tremendously helpful if you could spread the word about my campaign and share my Pursu.it profile with your networks. 

Thanks for reading this and for supporting Canadian athletes!!!

Many thanks to Athletics Ontario for making this possible, and of course, HUGE hugs to all those who have already made such a tremendous difference in my life xoxo 

Check out my campaign Here!!!

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