Freestyle Ski Canada: Gerrits and Guerin Repeat As National Champions

This article was originally published on the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association website.

Photo: Stacey Newman

Photo: Stacey Newman

Nothing was held back on Sunday at Val Saint-Côme ski resort – the site of the 2015 Aerial National Championships.

Aerialists from all ages put on a show to remember by performing a memorable array of tricks for those in attendance.

And for the third consecutive year we crowned the same two champions in Travis Gerrits (Milton, ON) and Sabrina Guérin (Laval, QC).

“To win nationals for the third year in arrow is pretty awesome,” said Gerrits. “What made it even better is the fact that we were competing with the younger kids, the provincial level and the junior national level athletes. It was really cool to see the up and coming athletes doing so well. They were doing backflips at 10, 11, 12 and 13 years of age. They remind me a lot of myself in a way when I was looking up to Nicolas Fontaine.”

Inspiring future generation of aerialists was one of the key themes of the competition. Wide-eyed kids were gathering to watch some of Canada’s best and brightest perform.

“If I can be that source of inspiration for the kids these days, that means I’m doing my job,” added Gerrits. “I could’ve been more conservative today, but when I looked at the faces of the younger kids I knew that I wanted to put on a good show for them and show them where this sport is going. So I decided to do my biggest trick today. I couldn’t be happier that I did do it and I did land it. The looks on their faces afterwards was priceless.”

Gerrits won the title with a score of 209.13. In second place was NorAM champion Lewis Irving (Quebec City, QC) with a score of 183.77. In third was Jean-Sebastien Comeau (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC) who scored 159.53.

Guérin captured her fourth title in five years with a score of 157.12. In second place was another NorAM champion, Catrine Lavallée (Montreal, QC), with a score of 141.21. Laurence Proteau (Quebec City, QC) rounded out the podium with a score of 110.51.

“I’m pretty thrilled today since I definitely came here to win,” said Guérin. “I had a great day of training and landed all my jumps. My two jumps in the final were executed well too and were really straight down the middle.”

“It really feels good to finish the season this way. I used the same jumps from the World Championships this past year and I am happy with how I performed them. They were the best jumps I had.”

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