Amelie Kretz: Mooloolaba World Cup

This article was originally published on Amelie Kretz's website.

Mooloolaba was the first stop of the World cup circuit 2015. The race is a classic on the circuit. Always a strong field and a tough course. I was excited to have the opportunity to race it. My biggest fans even made it down under to watch the race, I was happy to see Mom and Dad.

Saturday morning came quickly. Here I was in the room trying to take down my oatmeal and looking at the clock every 10minutes to see if it was time to go yet!


11:45am, and we were off!

It was a long beach start, the waves were pretty big but I’ve been training in bigger waves in Wollongong, I got this I told myself… Nope. I had a really bad start, got smashed a couple of times by the waves and I could see a lot of girls spread out everywhere in front of me. I stayed calm and worked my way back up to front. I got out of the water at the front, and the long run to transition allowed me to pass a couple of girls, I was 2nd in T1, 1st out.

On the bike, I started working with Gentle to try to stay away. more than half way into the 1st lap we got caught by the chase pack. We were now 16 girls riding together. My job was to make sure I was well positioned into the technical sections of the course and make sure I was doing my share of work (but nottoo much) so we could stay away from the chase pack behind. The bike course was fun, two up hills and down hills into narrow technical sections.

T2 came quickly, I was well positioned, 2nd or third in and out.

I took off quickly just like I practiced in Wollongong the weekend before. My legs felt good. Gomez attack at the end of the first lap of 4 on the run. I went with her and felt comfortable. We created a gap on the chasers. Lap 2,3,4 I controlled the pace while Gomez was hiding behind me. This might have been a tactical mistake on my end but it was a risk I was willing to take. I didn’t want to slow down to let her take the front as I was afraid she wouldn’t go and slow down too. The chasers were fast runners and didn’t want to risk reintroduction of 4 girls for the sprint finish. Unfortunately, Gomez got me in the last couple hundred meters, I didn’t have the legs to respond to her surge at the end… The tactical mistake might have cost me the win but I am ok with that. I took a risk and learned.

I am happy and honoured to walk away with a silver medal at a classic World cup like Mooloolaba.

Next for me will be Auckland WTS on March 29th. Looking forward to a very hard course and being back where I raced my first World championships as a junior in 2012.


Thanks everyone for the support!