Etienne Morneau: Gold Medal Alert

This article was originally published on Etienne Morneau's Go Fund Me page.

Hello everyone! First, I want to thank you all for your support! Whether through donations or the dozens of messages of support I have received, I am very grateful!

Last weekend was my first international competition of the season, in Germany. I raced in the K2 200m with Marc-Alexandre Gagnon of Trois-Rivieres and in K4 200m.
In K2, we felt great! Technically connected and powerful. Unfortunately, in the semi-final after a small mistake on our start, we missed the A-final by just 0.06 seconds. Finishing third in the B-final, it still places us 12th in the world cup.

The K4 200m is the fastest kayak event in the world while the boats reach speeds of nearly 30km / h. I had the chance to race K4 with Mark de Jonge, Hugues Fournel and Ryan Cochrane.
And you know what? We won the K4 with a lead of over 0.6 seconds. It does not seem much, but it's huge! This is an advance of 10 meters on a 200m race. This is proof that Canada has one of the best 200m program in the world and that our coach Fred Jobin, is able to produce not only a world champion in K1 (Mark de Jonge), but a full group of athlete within the best in sprint kayaking.

I am now in a small Danish town named Lyngby, 15 km north of Copenhagen. This is where racing will take place from Friday to Sunday. I will take part in the k2 event with Hugues Fournel and in K4.

Feel free to share, to send me supporting words or make a small donation! Your support is essential to my success, especially when my federation seems to have forgotten its mission of supporting its athletes ...

See you soon!