Rosanna Crawford: Back At It!

This article was originally published on Rosanna Crawford's website.

Well April has flown by and we are almost done the first month of training! It’s been really great hitting up Sunshine for some cross country skiing and then coming down to Canmore for +20 roller ski! 

Out for a mountain bike with some great chicas! 


It wouldn’t be May in Canmore if there wasn’t a snow fall or two! 

Part of the team from R-L Christian, Scott P, Scott G, Emma and Brendan. 

Thanks to Noel Rogers for some great pictures up at Sunshine! 

Sarah Beaudry soaking up the sunshine! 

Skiing up at Sunshine meadows has been great. We had awesome crust skiing a couple time and the groomed loop holds up pretty nicely! 

Out for a road bike on the 1A towards Lake Louise, Emma Lunder always making new friends! 

We have our first training camp coming up at the start of June. It will be a woman's bike camp in Kelowna. There are some new faces on the National team this year and it'll be great for us to bond as a team and learn to work together to make each other stronger and faster! 

Stay tuned for some great road biking pictures!