Introducing OHCanada Sports

I am very excited to announce that Olympic Hearts will soon be expanding to...


Olympic Hearts Canada Sports

or simply OHCanada Sports

As many of you know, for the past two years I was working with SportCafé. I initially joined them when I introduced a weekly newsletter of upcoming events where Canadian athletes were competing and regularly contributed my Olympic Hearts blog posts.

SportCafé added a calendar last year and my role on the website grew to SportCafé Editor.

This fall, the SportCafé co-founders Etienne Morneau and Antoine Meunier decided to take the website in a new direction focusing on athlete lifestyles in the form of an online sports magazine. They were no longer interested in the weekly newsletter and events calendar or aggregating athlete blogs and sports news.

Their passion and enthusiasm always was towards promoting athlete lifestyle. For those who are disappointed to hear about SportCafé's change (I've heard from a few of you), perhaps their explanation on their website will explain it better:



Sharing The Athlete Lifestyle
This was the original vision we first had during our annual Florida training camp back in the Spring of 2012. Shortly thereafter, we sought to turn SportCafé in the destination of choice for fellow athletes and fans eager to get a taste of the athletes lifestyle.  



The platform evolved over time to become the biggest sports news aggregator in Canada with over 300 athletes contributing by sharing their stories on the site. In the process, SC became a daily routine for thousands of athletes and sports fans.  
With its sharp new skin, SportCafé is going back to its roots and to its mission of sharing the athlete’s lifestyle by taking the form of an online sports magazine.

Etienne and Antoine recognized that SportCafé had changed from their original vision and made the changes to go back to what they envisioned in the first place.

As for me, my passion and focus was always on the competitions and the Games (Olympic, Pan-Am, Commonwealth, etc) and following the athletes year-round.

I have decided to continue to share my passion but want to expand Olympic Hearts that I debuted in 2011 as a blog about my love for the Olympics and Olympians.

I am in the process of building a new website that will hopefully include some of the following:



  • an events calendar
  • who, when and where to watch athletes compete
  • television listings and livestream information
  • Olympic Hearts blog posts
  • sports organization news
  • athlete stories
  • in the news items
  • build-up to the 2015 Pan-Am Games
  • focus on the Olympic Games
  • keeping an eye on up and coming athletes like CIBC Team Next
  • events previews and reviews
  • venue information



The learning curve will be steep, but I am very excited to see the website go live and continue to share my love for amateur sports with athletes and sports fans across Canada.


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Thanks for the support.